“These books should be in all elementary school libraries.”
Richard Roberts, Educator, Logan, Utah

“Her encouragement has created a great deal of excitement about creative writing.”
Principal, Tolman Elementary School, Bountiful, Utah

“She proved to our kids how science, math, writing and reading are integrated… Her talk to the students was the most wonderful thing I’ve ever heard.”
Michael Campbell, 6th grade teacher at Conneaut Elementary School, Bowling Green, Ohio.

“Your books are always on reserve at our library. You really got the children interested in reading.”
Library Coordinator, Bowling Green, Ohio Schools

"Joy Hulme has written a wonderful story (Through the Open Door and Climbing the Rainbow) that could easily be read chapter by chapter to a class (or family) stimulating their interest in wagon train life and homesteading in the West. Her books give a detailed insight into the daily struggles of one family, all told from the child's perspective. A special bonus is the humor written into many of the chapters. This is a story children will love, and all the while they will be learning about courage and how dreams can come true."
Resource Specialist, Susan Morely, M.A. San Jose CA

“On behalf of Donlon Parent Faculty Club, the first grade teachers at Donlon and all of Donlon’s first graders, I would like to thank you for your wonderful presentation of Sea Squares. Your pleasant nature, love for reading and writing, and wonderfully written and illustrated book was a great success in sparking interest in reading, nature and learning in our first graders.

Enclosed are a few evaluations… filled out by our first grade teachers. As you will see their only complaint was that they wanted more! We thank you whole heartedly and hope to have you back again in the near future.”
Julee Samuli, PFC 1st Vice President, Donlon Elementary School, Pleasanton, California

“She has a special feeling for children that lets her speak to them with verse that delights and brings smiles to their faces.”
Jan Stiles, freelance editor, Saratoga, California

“Joy’s poetry is clever, whimsical and highly creative. I’d place her playful use of language in the general style of Ogden Nash and Dr. Seuss. Yet Joy often adds another element to her poetry: In it she teaches everything from math concepts to marine biology to facts about Australian marsupials.”

Martha Kendall, College English teacher, Los Gatos, California

“Just wanted to let you know again how much we enjoyed your visit to Lincoln School. The students are still talking about the things they learned at the assemblies and in your books. It's so exciting for them and for us to meet a real author. Thank you for making the trip to Yuba City and for joining our team for dinner on Thursday evening. You created a lot of memories for the students here and you nourished the flame of their hopes and dreams. Thank you for sharing a special part of you. Thank you again.”
2nd Grade teachers at Lincoln School, Yuba City, CA