Joy is an experienced, college-trained public speaker who enjoys doing school author visits and convention presentations. Her programs are always adaptable and can include a slide show with pictures of where she grew up, where she lives now and things relevant to the particular book or subject she is addressing. For older audiences, she likes to involve listeners in her presentations, an action which adds a lively, often humorous, touch to the learning experience.

Most school programs are for elementary grades and consist of three morning presentations and, if desired, time for signing books. She needs a dark room with a screen, an overhead projector, an extension cord, a projection stand, a table to display books, and a Kodak carousel projector. She will donate one of her books (your choice) to the school library. The amount of her honorarium/traveling expense is arranged for each visit.

To choose a subject or book for school programs, see the list of Joy’s books on this web site. Suggested choices for different age groups:

K-2: Sea Squares (slide reproductions of pages), Sea Sums (with a Big Book), or Mary Clare Likes to Share.

GRADES 2–3: (depending on when times tables are introduced) Counting by Kangaroos

GRADES 3–ADULT: Through the Open Door, Climbing the Rainbows, Wild Fibonacci, What If? or How to Write, Recite, and Delight In Writing All Kinds of Poetry.


Fascinating Fibonacci Facts
All about places these numbers are found in nature.

When Words Waltz and Sounds Sing
How to write, recite, and delight in poetry. This program requires audience participation and has received lots of laughs and a standing ovation.

Tracks by the Sea Becomes 3x3
From concept to classroom. How an idea becomes a published trade book that teachers discover and delight to use to teach math.

The Perks and Perils in the Process of Writing Non-Fiction in Rhyme
Includes audience participation where individuals read poems (often humorous) that illustrate all the points of the subject. I consider this genre my specialty.